Animal Exhibit


A - Diversion






The American Crocodile Exhibit is a small exhibit showcasing modern animals that have ties back to the Dinosaurs.


Visible Animals

  • Abdim Stork
  • American Crocodile
  • Asian Brown Tortoise



Located across from Restaurantasaurus, Dino-Bite Snacks and the Dinoland Kids Discovery Club.


Appeals To

This attraction appeals to guests of all ages, especially animal lovers.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This attraction opens with the park and typically closes at dusk.

The animals may go into their night houses earlier than the closing time for the park when there is an early sunset. On these days, refer to the time guide or in park signage for the closing time. Signage exists near Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek indicating the closing time for those attractions. Most other animal enclosures will close at around the same time with the exception of Kilimanjaro Safaris which remains open later.



The animals featured in this location are intended to bring guests back to the days of the Dinosaurs with animals that have prehistoric ties.


Similar Attractions

This is setup similarly to The Oasis Exhibits, Discovery Island Trails and Tree of Life Exhibits.

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