Walking Tour


A - Diversion






The Cretaceous Trail is a small walk through that highlights flora and fauna that have existed since or did exist in the Cretaceous Period. Statues of Dinosaurs line the path, as does foliage from the time period.

An alcove along the path features an area for children to climb on one of the dinosaurs but most of the path is plant life with the occasional sound effects integrated into the pathway.


Disney Description

Come explore the Cretaceous Trail

You may not realize it, but many types of plants and animals living today are survivors of the Cretaceous Era - the last great age of the dinosaurs.

What you are about to see on the trail is a living past - trees,plants and animals that are either survivors or closely related descendants of a world that vanished 65 million years ago.



Located to the left of the pillars for the Dinosaur attraction


Appeals To

Anyone looking for a quiet area in the park or an area where a child can burn some energy.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This attraction opens with the park.