A - Diversion





Disney Warnings

Supervise children at all times.


The Boneyard is a Dinosaur themed play area. Younger guests can climb, dig and explore the interactive area. Special effects also include a dinosaur rib xylophone that activates with the touch of a hand.


Disney Description

The Dino Institute Welcomes You

You are about to enter an active dinosaur dig site. The Dino Institute has opened this site for your enjoyment and to inspire children of all ages to learn more about the mysterious world of the dinosaurs.

The imaginative play area is best enjoyed by children ages 10 and under.



Located just past the entrance to the main part of Dinoland USA (not Chester and Hester's Dino-rama) on the left hand side.


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Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This attraction typically opens an hour after park opening, and closes at park close or dusk.



The Boneyard is a covered children's play area made to resemble an archeological dig site. Children can look for Dinosaur bones, climb rope bridges and slide down slides throughout the area.

Signs inside the area indicate discoveries of dinosaurs and information about the dig site.

Additional activities in the play area include a set of musical bones and a Jeep that children can climb on and inside.


Similar Attractions

The theming is unique to The Boneyard, but the scale of the large playground is similar to Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure.