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B - Minor Attraction






The Oasis Exhibits is a series of winding paths and animal enclosures that introduce guests to Disney's Animal Kingdom. The exhibits are all overgrown with foliage and the animals are largely from South America and Australia.

There are two main paths on the left and right side that offer views of different animal species. The paths merge at the end before a bridge that connects to Discovery Island.


Visible Animals

  • Babirusa
  • Patagonian Cavy
  • Rhinoceros Iguana
  • Military Macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Reeve's Muntjac
  • Rosybill Pochard
  • African Spoonbill
  • Roseate Spoonbill
  • Black Swan
  • Black-Necked Swan
  • Swamp Wallaby
  • Chloe Wigeon

Visible Fish

  • Longnose Gar

No longer visible

  • Southern Giant Anteater
  • Hyacinth Macaw


Located just through the entry gates past the guest services locations and small shops. The exhibits continue up to the bridge that leads to Discovery Island.


Appeals To

This attraction appeals to guests of all ages, especially animal lovers.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This attraction opens with the park and typically closes at dusk.

The animals may go into their night houses earlier than the closing time for the park when there is an early sunset. On these days, refer to the time guide or in park signage for the closing time. Signage exists near Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek indicating the closing time for those attractions. Most other animal enclosures will close at around the same time with the exception of Kilimanjaro Safaris which remains open later.



The story of The Oasis Exhibits originates with other entrance concepts for Disney's Animal Kingdom. One of the earlier concepts for the park had statues of animals entering into Noah's Ark with the Ark being the symbol for the park. That plan ultimately gave way to the Oasis and the Tree of Life.

The Animal Kingdom is meant to be explored and The Oasis Exhibits kick off that exploration. Winding paths lead guests through the tropical themed animal exhibits. Guests can see macaws, Roseate Spoonbills, swans a wallaby and a Giant Anteater in these exhibits.


Similar Attractions

These exhibits are similar to The Tree of Life Exhibits, Discovery Island Trails and the American Crocodile Exhibit.

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