Petting Zoo


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A - Diversion

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Disney Warnings


Extra Warnings

To our guests...
please help us to protect our animals from Foot and Mouth disease. If you have traveled outside North America within the last 5 days, please do not enter this animal area. A cast member is on hand to answer your questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Inside the Affection Section, guests can interact with and pet a selection of different animals. It is the only place in Disney's Animal Kingdom where guests can pet an animal.


Visible Animals

  • Pineywoods Cow
  • African Pygmy Goats
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • African Guinea Hog
  • Kunekune Pigs
  • Babydoll Sheep



Located to the left of/behind Conservation Station


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location typically opens 30-40 minutes after park opening and typically closes at dusk.

The animals may go into their night houses earlier than the closing time for the park when there is an early sunset. On these days, refer to the time guide or in park signage for the closing time. Signage exists near Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek indicating the closing time for those attractions. Most other animal enclosures will close at around the same time with the exception of Kilimanjaro Safaris which remains open later.



There is no story to this attraction.

The animal area is fully fenced in and guests are allowed to entire the enclosure with the animals. There a benches and shaded areas for both the guests and the animals to enjoy. The colors are bright and are similar to other colors found throughout Rafiki's Planet Watch.

After guests interact with animals they are encouraged to utilize the provided cleaning stations to wash their hands.


Similar Attractions

There are no other areas in the park where guests can pet live animals.

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