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Amorette's Patisserie is a high end pastry shop operating in the Town Center neighborhood of Disney Springs. According to the shop's backstory, it was one of the first shops in Town Center (circa 1900s) and passed down through generations of pastry chefs. It is currently owned by sisters Kara and Sara, who are responsible for the designs of the unique and artistic pastries. “Amorette” means “little love” in French.

Offerings include classic and contemporary cakes and pastries as well as eclairs, macarons and other cookies. Guests can watch the pastry chefs decorate signature cakes in this high-end pastry shop.

Champagne and sparkling wine is also available as is the Amorette’s Hot Chocolate Ganache, a cupful of sippable chocolate with Chantilly and shaved dark chocolate on top. You also can opt for a glass of cold milk, coffee or tea.



Located next to The Levi's Store and across from The Daily Poutine.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location typically opens at 11:00 AM