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Weinkeller is a shop and wine stand that features a wide selection of wine. The interior decor is set up like a wine cellar with casks lining the walls. You can view the shop page here.

Les Vins de France (France Pavilion), Enoteca Castello (Italy Pavilion), and Weinkeller all participate in the World Showcase Wine Walk. For $20, participating guests can receive six 2-oz wine pours (2 per location). Additional details can be found in the menu below.



Located between Stein Haus and Kunstarbeit in Kristall, it is part of three connected shops Stein Haus, Weinkeller, and Kunstarbeit in Kristall.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location typically opens at 11 AM with the rest of World Showcase.



Last Updated: January 15, 2015

Wine List
World Showcase Wine Walk

Six 2-oz wine pours (2 per location):

Germany (Weinkeller)

  • Valckenberg Madonna Spatlese
  • Valckenberg Madonna Liebfraumilch

Italy (Enoteca Castello)

  • Castello Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio, Tuscany IGT
  • Rosa Regale, Piedmont DOCG

France (Les Vins de France)

  • George Dubouef Puilly Fuisse, Macon
  • Chateau Tour de Segur - Lussac St. Emilion

Gluhwein or Glow Wine. A traditional in Nurnberg for untold years, the traditional method of drinking this unique spiced wine is to transfer the wine to a saucepan and heat to about 170 degrees F (do not boil), then ladle the wine into heat resistant glasses or cups and enjoy.

The taste of Gerstacker Gluhwein and our secret spices are a treat not soon forgotten.

White Wine Flight

2 oz. servings of each

  • Valckenberg Undone Dry Riesling
  • Schloss Vollrads Estate Qualitatswein Riesling
  • Selbach Oster Spatlese Riesling
Red Wine Flight

2 oz. servings of each

  • Grafen Neipperg Lemberger
  • Kloster Pinot Noir
  • Valckenberg Dornfelder
Dessert Wine Flight

2 oz. servings of each

  • Valckenberg Madonna Auslese
  • Gunderloch Messidor Beerenauslese
  • Valckenberg Eiswein