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Teppan Edo is Teppanyaki style restaurant where chefs entertain guests as they cook their meals on a table side grill. Entrees include steak, chicken and seafood offerings while sushi is also available.

Guests will dine with other guests, and every seat has a view of the chef at work.



Located on the right hand side of the second floor of the Japan Pavilion. It is above the Mitsukoshi Department Store and next to Tokyo Dining


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

  • Lunch 12:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Dinner 4:00 PM - 8:55 PM


Many of the offerings available are named after locations and shrine's that are significant to the history and culture of Japan. The menu highlights some of these locations:

About the picture map of Edo
In those days the population of Edo, Tokyo, was over one million people and became the largest city in the world.
One of the reasons for the prosperity was due to the fact that the city was designed with waterways whirled throughout the center of Edo.

Fukagawa was facing the Gulf of Edo, so it would prosper in commerce by the use of the waterway, such as rice and lumber wholesale business.

The shooting of fireworks around Ryogoku bridge was believed to rid all things of evil spirits. It later became a custom and a form of entertainment for the people during the Edo period.

Edo period Asakusa became famous for street entertainment which had show tents and street performers.

Nihonbashi was adjoining to the outer moat of Edo Castle, so it prospered in commerce and became the entrance of Edo Castle. It was a major mercantile center during the Edo period.

From the Edo period "Kanda Shrine festival" is famous for the festival that the Shogun, general, would observe.

Ueno is famous sight for the cherry blossom. During the cherry blossom season, this district is thronged with people as the perfect cherry blossom viewing spot.