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The Gods of the Vikings exhibit celebrates Norse mythology through artifacts and dioramas of the well known gods and goddessess represented in the culture.

Signage outside the Stave Church read:

The Norwegians built the first Stave Churches or Stavkirke around the year 1050. When St. Olaf brought Christianity to Norway, the Norwegians turned to the craft they knew best, woodworking, to build their new churches.

They blended Chrisitian symbols with Viking images to create this impressive buildings. Note the wooden dragon heads decorating the eaves.

Other European countries built wooden churches, but only Norway's are still standing. Of the 1,000 Norwegian Stave Churches built in the Middle Ages, 28 survive today.



Located inside the Stave Church at the front of the Norway Pavilion on the left side.


Appeals To

Adults, fans of Norse mythology, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location typically opens at 11 AM with the rest of World Showcase.



The gallery highlighs artifcats from Norwegian and Scandinavian history and Norse mythology.

The exhibit celebrates the Norse gods and goddesses back to their traditional Viking and Scandinavia routes.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will recognize the names of these Norse gods that were taken directly out of Norse mythology: Thor, Odin, Freyja and Loki.

Authentic Viking artifacts showcase how Norse mythology helped Vikings understand the world aroudn them.


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